Business Terms

In short the most important Business Terms are:

Client pays only if introduction of the candidate results in an engagement.

Fee payable is calculated individually for each vacancy and based on the applicant’s annual gross salary (12.5 months) plus VAT.

Guarantee period during the whole trial period.

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You are a bilingual or multilingual person with multicultural experience and are looking currently for a new job opportunity in an international company in Mexico or Latin America?
Then do not hesitate to send us your CV in English and Spanish. We will inform you if we currently have or if we receive a vacancy which could be of your interest. Please send us your CV in English and Spanish using the upload function of the message form, checking the option 'Applicant'.

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Hire the Best Talent with LATAM

Even with the advancements in every field, unemployment in some countries of Latin America still continues to be on the rise. It is not because there are no jobs; the underlying fact is – neither are candidates able to find jobs, nor are companies able to find candidates. This scenario is a clear indication of the fact that there is a large gap between companies and job seekers. This is where LATAM comes into picture with expert head hunters in Latin America who can bridge the gap between employers and job seekers.

Outsourcing your recruitment to LATAM

Our headhunters in Latin America are well aware of the demand for manpower in Latin America. Although recruitment process outsourcing is a new concept for companies in here, with the kind of service each of our headhunter in Latin America is able to provide, our clients have begun understanding the benefits of outsourcing their recruitment needs to us. When it comes to working in this region each of our head hunter in Latin America understands the basic concept that one size does not fit all and comes up with unique strategies to find a candidate that will best fit your requirements. What most of the other recruitment firms fail to understand is that it’s never about finding the best candidate, but about finding the best candidate for the best job, so that the criteria for match is met appropriately and both the candidate and the employer are happy.

LATAM offers tailor made recruitment solutions in Mexico

If you havea company based in Mexico, HR will always find it difficult to meet the demand. That is why our headhunters in Mexico have created a robust pipeline of talent to meet the demand for manpower in Mexico. Our headhunters in Mexico bring you the advantage of reducing the cost and the time involved in hiring a candidate. Each of our headhunter in Mexico understands the pitfalls involved in hiring a candidate and conducts extensive research and background checks so that better quality candidate can be hired – candidates who will not just fill a vacancy but bring value to your organization. In the rare event of a candidate leaving the organization before the stipulated time agreed upon, we make our headhunter in Mexico will make every effort for finding you replacement as quickly as possible with our extensive database of candidates to fill any kind of vacancy that arises.

Leverage our expertise

Our team has vast experience and expertise in hiring candidates across all levels and verticals and for businesses of all sizes. We pay a lot of attention in getting a thorough understanding of the client's business and the requirements of the vacant positions so that we can map this with the candidates' skills and career objectives thus providing high quality success hires. The basic idea behind outsourcing your recruitment needs is to get the job done in a better manner – join hands with us to leverage the expertise of the best head hunters there are.